• Laura's Dream is to reduce mortality rates by sepsis in hospitals.
  • Did you know that sepsis kills 250 thousand people every year in Brazil?
  • The Laura Bot will save thousands of lives with your contribution.
  • Contribute and help make Laura's Dream come true.
  • How to support?

    Let's save lives? Contribute to Laura's Dream!

    Wouldn't it be great if all philanthropic hospitals in Brazil could count on #laurabot?

    Laura Networks will donate the app to all philanthropic hospitals in Brazil and you can help finance the costs of installation. Some philanthropic hospitals are under extreme financial strain, that's why your help is fundamental!

    Click, access the crowdfunding campaign and contribute so that #laurabot is installed in more hospitals and keeps saving lives.

    The Project

    O sonho de Laura

    It is estimated that there are around 2.5 million cases of Sepsis every year in Brazil, and out of that amount, about 250 thousand people die every year. Sepsis kills more than cancer and it's the leading cause of death in practically every country in the world. It kills one person every minute and a half, and what's most incredible is that 8 out of 10 people worldwide never even heard the word Sepsis. The #laurabot is able to detect in advance a possible case of Sepsis, helping doctors and nurses save many lives. Laura's Dream is to reduce the number of deaths by Sepsis in Brazil to about 5% by 2020. In order for this dream to come true, Laura Networks will donate the app to all philanthropic hospitals in Brazil. However, these hospitals need your help to finance the installation costs. If health professionals are notified in advance about a patient who develops Sepsis, it will be possible to save more than 12 thousand lives every year in Brazil. You can also be part of this achievement! Contribute to Laura's Dream!